2.5 Acres in Colorado Enter to Win

$5,075 Value

1 Winner

So what’s the catch, right? Here it is: we are promoting our land business (click here to learn more about us), and rather than spending our marketing budget on a billboard, we would much rather give away this beautiful property to someone who will be excited to own it. That’s it!

”What can I do with this property?”

Glad you asked. Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Camping. Bring your family and friends out for a weekend of relaxation, and experience stars unlike anything you’ll see in the city.
  2. Long term investment. Hold onto it, pass it down generation to generation. Make it part of your legacy.
  3. Sell it. After all, it will be your land. If you want to immediately turn around and sell it, you can do that!

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